99 Blessings

99 Blessings

99 Blessings – An Invitation to Life

I am fascinated with a monk called Brother David Steindl-Rast!  After all my research on gratitude I have come to my own personal conclusion that he is likely the world leader on the subject of gratitude. You can read more, and an interview with him here .

This month he has just released his new book 99 Blessings – An Invitation to Life.  There are 99 little prayers directed toward ‘Source of all Blessings’ and it is such a yummy little book. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to touch and beautiful, as well as life-giving, to read.

A little sample for you:

                                  Blessing 27

‘you bless us with us with warning voices,

-poets, prophets, thinkers who dare to speak against the current

of accepted norms, to question, at risk of their good standing, their careers,

even their lives.

May I have ears to hear these lonely voices of Common Sense, 

so often nearly drowned out by the din of public opinion, and to heed them, 

take their message to heart,

weigh it, and let it change my life.


99 Blessings front cover final 

I hope you get to read this lovely book – 99 Blessings.



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